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Bakery and Pastry training at SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi.

Written on 2020-03-12 08:03:47 by kamran

Bakery is one of the most important section of the hotel kitchen which operates in production of wide varieties of breads, pastries and confectionery, chocolate carvings, cakes, etc. Bakery is an art as well as a science where patrons get lot of opportunities to show their artistic skills. Chocolate modelling, cake decorations, sugar art, etc. are the most trending art in the present era. Ability to combine various flavors to create a package of taste is most demanded skill for this area.

At SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management,  Delhi. We train the students in art of baking. We have state of the art bakery setup which includes small as well as heavy equipments. We train the students theoretically as well as practically so that there basics of baking science is sky clear because baking is all about formulas which we know as recipes.
We train the students to make different types of baked goods like
‌Hot Cross buns
‌Ginger bread
‌Multigrain bread
‌Sandwich Bread
‌Genoise Sponge
‌Chocolate cake
‌Fruit cake
‌and many more.

Patrons can make career in bakery as a bakery chef. Bakery section has most job requirements all around the world.

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